Punchline recommends Lazy Susan: Forgive Me, Mother!

Photograph of Lazy SusanWords by Suzy Romer

If you haven’t seen Lazy Susan before then this is the year to go. Every year there’s one show I have to see twice and this is it. They perform high-energy, engaging comedy with a freaky dark edge that sweeps you up from the beginning and takes you over completely for an hour of hysterical fun.

Celeste Dring and Freya Parker move in and out of formal sketches and their stage personas with skilful ease and apply their wicked sense of humour to fashionable concepts and popular expressions. They are particularly funny as wide-eyed, high voiced sisters who are cute and unsettling in equal measures. They also impersonate bad men too well to forget. Like all the best horror writers, they vary their subject matter until something really gets under your skin. The sketch that did it for me was one where a Ginger Rogers-like character tells a Fred Astaire-like character that he is repellent while he cheerily brushes off her words LIKE A PSYCHOPATH as if she were flirting with him. I hardly dare go back to the originals now.

The structure and writing of this show are absolutely flawless and as an audience member, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride. These two performers know exactly how to make us laugh and keep us guessing until the bloody end, but perhaps I’ve said too much.

Catch Lazy Susan: Forgive Me, Mother! at Assembly George Square at 4.20pm througout August.


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