Punchline recommends Lou Sanders: Shame Pig

Words by Suzy Romer

You have to be in a room with Lou Sanders at least once in your life because a Lou Sanders show is one of the defining experiences of the Fringe. She deals swiftly with stragglers and her sparky one liners are a joy to behold. Once everyone is paying proper attention she relaxes into her unique style of delivery which has a meandering sway as she picks subjects from here, there and everywhere to examine for our delight and then moves on.

She has found peace on a lot of difficult subjects in her life and you know what? It has made her comedy the funniest yet. At Punchline we have always loved Lou but this year she is beginning to shine as the very best version of herself. Her material about sex is free of taboos and filters and she says some stuff I haven’t heard ANYone say out loud before. I know I am not the only one thinking this because there are very loud cackles of recognition from around the room while the rest are laughing and learning. Lou’s wisdom comes through hands-on trial and error and she shares her failures and successes with a candid cheeriness that enchants the room and tickles funny bones we didn’t know we had.

Catch Lou Sanders: Shame Pig at Monkey Barrel 1 at 12.30pm throughout August.


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