Punchline recommends the Pin: Backstage

15 Aug

 Photograph of The PinWords by Suzy Romer

And it’s another round of top-notch silliness from start to finish from The Pin comedy duo this year. I am going to allow myself a comparison to Webb and Mitchell in the days when they did their comedy apprenticeship over more than a decade Edinburgh. Why? Because if you LIKE their sort of comedy, then don’t wait until they get to TV. They are doing their brilliant thing right now and it would be a shame to miss seeing them from the front few rows of a cosy theatre. There’s is at least as much comedy in their expressions as in the tightly-packed script and when one of them goes out of his way to do something extra funny, it is a delight to watch the other one trying to maintain suitable comedy decorum. There’s a running narrative to keep things going, fun with two actors playing many characters simultaneously, surreal stage entries and exits, punchlines that make you go, “Ahhh!” and some surprises that show their joyous originality. Don’t be fooled by the natural, carefree delivery. This sort of daftness is very difficult to do well and these lads are dependably good.

Many of the shows getting praise at the moment have deep serious moments with tear-filled eyes and revelations which is great, but if you need a rest from all that and want to see some utterly professional nonsense then look up The Pin. THAT’S the badger.

P.S. There are a couple of adult references but it is recommended for 8+ and would be a good option for older children who are past kids’ shows but still not ready for main comedy events.

Catch The Pin: Backstage at the Pleasance Courtyard at 8pm througout August.

Read their answers to our questions here

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