Punchline recommends Henry Paker: Man Alive

WPhotograph of Henry Pakerords by Ross Stark

A live drawing intro is a gentle ice breaker that kicks off this absolute treat of a show. Paker paints an image of living an unhappy middle class life; doing so only to keep his middle class wife happy. However, not everything is as it seems.

The show cuts between Paker’s stand-up and a live narration of a story board containing hand drawn images. It is a beautiful piece of work with a musical accompaniment that provides an experience comparable to that of Dianne Jackson’s “The Snowman”.

Paker has a gentle, eager-to-please comedic style and a wonderful and extremely professional narration.

Henry Paker should be proud. He has a beautiful show on his hands and I can’t recommend it enough.

Catch Henry Paker: Man Alive at 5.10pm at Banshee Labyrinth throughout August


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