Punchline recommends Gráinne Maguire: I Forgive You; Please Like Me

Photograph of Grainne MaguireWords by Susan Stewart

Gráinne Maguire is certainly no stranger to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and 2018 is in my opinion, her finest hour of stand up yet. Gráinne is completely prepared for the extreme heat of Gilded Balloon’s Wee Room, and before the show has even started and we are taken to our seats, there is a sense that the whole audience is excited to enjoy the company of Gráinne Maguire.

Gráinne’s show is based around the concept of a “Lovely Girl”, and how she perhaps doesn’t meet the qualifying criteria to be classed as one herself. But why be lovely, when you can be a rebel, right Gráinne? Gráinne spends her hour in the spotlight creating well structured themes, definitions and narratives, that give a true insight to her wonderful mind. She is gloriously funny throughout, showing off how sharp and witty she is as a comedian.

An hour with Gráinne Maguire is simply not enough, so please go and visit her more than once this festival.

Catch Gráinne Maguire: I Forgive You; Please Like Me at 3.15pm at The Gilded Balloon Teviot throughough August


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