Punchline recommends Laura Lexx: Trying

Photograph of Laura LexxWords by Suzy Romer

Laura Lexx has prepared a carefully written, honest and rounded show which she performs with dynamic charm and warmth. She begins her show with funny memories of carefree family holidays in the 1990s, before gently easing us into her recent experiences of anxiety as an adult. Her anxiety stems from genuinely important concerns, namely trying to have a baby while trying to control fears about the environment. With comic dexterity, she takes us beyond the level of healthy, active concern to overwhelming, debilitating anxiety. From this point, she takes us through a series of scenarios, all bathed in comedy light, which lead her back to wellness.

She gives a wonderful, wincing description of buying facial soap in a department store that rings oh so true as an example of the absurdity of make-up counter conversations. It’s enough to turn anyone into a recluse. She weeds out several interesting assertions about pregnancy and mental health which are familiar to us all yet usually remain unchallenged. The rhythm of the show plays out with utter poise and she ends the show with aplomb, leaving us with laughter on our lips and new ideas in our minds. Laura’s many wry observations and welcoming style have stayed with me and I look forward to her coming work as she finds her joy.

Catch Laura Lexx: Trying at the Gilded Balloon at 5.15pm until Aug 26.


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