Punchline recommends Beetlemania : Kafka for Kids!

Words by Suzy Romer

Kafka for Kids is a fantastic all-rounder of a show for the entire family. There are jokes, stories, songs, puppetry and brilliant ad libs that make for a really entertaining hour of fun. Kafka is bit of a challenge for adults (well, me anyway) so it comes as a wonderful surprise that some of his stories are arguably more accessible to children, although that may be due to the imagination and humour of the show creators Tom Parry and Russell Bolam. Heidi Niemi, Rose Robinson, Tom Parry and Will Adamsdale make up a magnificent quartet of prodigious talent.

Right from the start, the company plays with theatrical norms and gets the audience involved, while respecting the unwritten rule that only dads in the front row are up for joshing. There are running jokes, a bit of suspense and masses of ideas that children react to with utter delight. At the performance I saw, a child who was completely involved announced some information to the cast members who were supposed not to know and everyone, including the cast, went into heaps of giggles. The joy and brio of the performers is contagious and they keep up their friendly, high-energy shenanigans all the way to the end.

I went with an 8-year-old who declared it to be the best children’s show this year which is a pretty solid recommendation. The lunch time slot is not ideal for those back at school but if you want to see out the Fringe with a bang this weekend, the surprising answer may be Franz Kafka.

Catch Beetlemania: Kafka for Kids! at Pleasance Dome until Sunday 26 August


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