The countdown is on!

Royal Mile Edinburgh Fringe

In one month’s time, thousands of performers will be arriving in Edinburgh to be part of the greatest show on earth. With so many shows on offer, we would like to offer our services as a guide. With our track record of spotting award winners and TV stars well ahead of time, you ‘ll be able to show off that you saw these acts in an attic or a backroom in a pub first.

Take a chance on an unknown show! That’s the advice we’re always given. Hmm, nah. Having sat through literally hundreds of hours of comedy, we can firmly advise getting a little help. We whole-heartedly agree that you shouldn’t just stick to the ones you see every year, or the ones off the telly. But finding out a little more about the acts can be the difference between a shit night and a great one.

There are so many shows you just can’t see them all. There’s nothing worse than sitting through mediocre or bad show when you are daydreaming about that amazing show you saw last year and wishing you were in the equivalent room, maybe just next door.

Everyone featured on Punchline is good at what they do. It’s just a question of taste. So have a read of their answers to our burning questions, and read our recommendations once the fringe kicks off. We will be posting our top shows soon, and will be updating you on new discoveries throughout August.

The countdown is on!


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