Impertinent questions for Mark Nelson

Mark NelsonWhat is your favourite synonym for “bum”?


Whose swearing makes you laugh the most?

My 3 year old son’s

Who should come to see your show and why?

Everyone should come and see my show because it is the closest thing to Brexit that will actually happen.

Who are you excited about seeing this year?

There are so many great comics. Micky Bartlett’s show is sounding amazing. Gareth Waugh is always class. And please go and see David Correis.

Imagine you come off stage and find a wish come true. Which food/drink/present/person would be waiting for you?

Scarlett Johansson

Describe your perfect day at the Fringe.

Sun shining, show sold out, Setlist to finish

How long does it take to come down after a show and how do you do it?

It takes me a long time to come down which is what is so great about the Fringe as you can just do another gig until you collapse.

In the game “Would You Rather?” what’s the hardest choice you have had to make?

Never played the game I’m afraid

What’s your favourite Brexit metaphor?

I believe I have come up with the prefect Brexit metaphor which I end my show with. You’ll need to come and see but trust me it is worth it.

Who or what helped you believe you were going to make it in comedy?

It was the day I realised that I could now walk into The Stand and not have to say, “I’m an act”

Tell us something your agent doesn’t want us to know.

I am Bible John

Buy tickets for Mark Nelson: Brexit Wounds here

8pm | Gilded Balloon Teviot | 31 July, 1-18, 20-25 Aug


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