Impertinent Questions for Will Adamsdale

11 Jul

Will Adamsdale

What is your favourite synonym for “bum”?


Whose swearing makes you laugh the most?

Mike Wilmot, the Scots, the Irish and my dad (who has the best ‘fuck that’ I know of)

Who should come to see your show and why?

Gentrifiers, parents, fans of early noughties alt comedy, the pop up generation, 40 somethings who still have boxes of CDs under their desks

Who are you excited about seeing this year?

Gonna see a lot of kids shows with my kids, looking forward to Josie Long‘s show, Giants are Fjörd, always David O’Doherty

Imagine you come off stage and find a wish come true. Which food/drink/present/person would be waiting for you?

Basically everyone I’ve ever known is there and they all say ‘we forgive you!’ simultaneously and we all drink martinis

Describe your perfect day at the Fringe.

Brunch with D’OD and discuss rugby, do my kids’ show (Beetlemania: Kafka for Kids) and successfully avoid any accidents involving children, wander about and see a bit of strange but inspiring theatre from Poland or somewhere (Teatr Biuro Podróży), meet (nice) ghosts of Edinburgh’s past and successfully negotiate a relative’s visit (the shows you choose are right and not sold out. No-one got lost or offended by a show), do another show and it goes ok enough to want to show my face in society afterwards, bump into Ben Moor, drink a small amount, find a gluten free chippie (v rare)

How long does it take to come down after a show and how do you do it?

Want to say exercise but it’s not. It’s just not. Why can’t they put tread mills near theatres or board games. Or anything but bars

In the game “Would You Rather?” what’s the hardest choice you have had to make?

Is that a 21st century game? Is that an app? I would rather not answer this

Who or what helped you believe you were going to make it in comedy?

Private school blowing hot air up my arse. My much funnier friend Luke Ponte. Stewart Lee

Tell us something your agent doesn’t want us to know.

I’m gonna give up and become a tree surgeon tomorrow

Buy tickets for Will Adamsdale: Facetime here

6pm | Underbelly Bristo Square | 31 July, 1-13, 15-25 Aug

Buy tickets for Beetlemania: Kafka for Kids here

11.45am | Pleasance Courtyard | 31 July, 1-13, 15-25 Aug

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