Impertinent Questions for Stephen Buchanan

19 Jul

Stephen BuchananWhat is your favourite synonym for “bum”?

Has to be arse.

Whose swearing makes you laugh the most?

My Mum. She doesn’t swear a lot but when she does it’s glorious.

Who should come to see your show and why?

I don’t think I have a specific demographic. Anyone who is cool and is into daft, light-hearted comedy can and should come along!

Who are you excited about seeing this year?

There’s loads of amazing acts that I want to see this year. Some great Scottish acts have new shows such as – Christopher Macarthur-Boyd, Marc Jennings, Rosco McClelland, Susie McCabe and Stuart McPherson.

Imagine you come off stage and find a wish come true. Which food/drink/present/person would be waiting for you?

It would probably be my girlfriend standing there with a big pizza and loads of chocolate. Either that or a wee puppy with a bow on it.

Describe your perfect day at the Fringe.

My perfect day at the Fringe is usually around the middle when I have my day-off and don’t have to do anything related to the Fringe. (Probably not the best thing to say when I’m trying to sell my Fringe show).

How long does it take to come down after a show and how do you do it?

It depends how well it went. If it’s a really good one then I’m usually buzzing for a while afterwards. The most effective way to come down is to die at another gig in a worse room, immediately after the good gig.

In the game “Would You Rather?” what’s the hardest choice you have had to make?

Would you rather be a stand-up comedian or work 8 hours per week in the Co-op for the rest of your life? I still fear I made the wrong decision choosing comedy.

What’s your favourite Brexit metaphor?

Probably James Acaster’s Brexit/teabag analogy. It’s spot on.

Who or what helped you believe you were going to make it in comedy?

Everyone who voted for me as “Funniest Boy” at my high school prom awards. When I was presented with that certificate I knew it was the path for me.

Tell us something your agent doesn’t want us to know.

My agent probably wouldn’t want me to tell you what my perfect day at the Fringe is. Don’t worry Jen, I’ll never tell.


Buy tickets for Stephen Buchanan: Baby Dove here

8.30pm | Pleasance Courtyard | 31 July, Aug 1-13, 15-24 Aug

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