Punchline Recommends The Listies: Prince of Skidmark

5 stars
The Listies: Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark

Words by Suzy Romer

If you don’t know Matt and Rich yet, listen to their albums on Spotify starting with The Listies Drive You Crazy but you have to see them live for the full effect. The comedy begins before we even go into the theatre when two snazzily dressed ushers begin chatting to the crowd as we queue.

This year they have a splendid castle set as scenery because there is supposedly a fancy production of Hamlet about to take place but that all gets cancelled, so the lads decide to put on the play themselves. Rich tries to get everything right while Matt bounces around making jokes and turning the story into something much wilder involving dinosaurs, zombies and the kickass role that Ophelia always deserved.

There are jokes here for little ones, medium ones and big ones and it’s a joy to hear giggles coming from different age groups between the big laughs for everyone. One little girl volunteers to go on stage and then changes her mind: no problem. Audience participation is always voluntary and great fun, and there are some memorable ad libs, not to say enthusiastic outbursts, from both kids and performers.  

The Listies’ astounding range of jokes covers everything from farts and poo to Shakespearean plot details that would raise a chuckle from the bard himself. I would say that this is their most ambitious show yet, and like a Shakespeare comedy, there is something for everyone.  

Click here to buy tickets for The Listies: Hamlet: Prince of Skidmark

1pm | House of Oz (The Great Indoors) AKA The King’s Hall | until 28 August (not 18, 22 or 25)

Listed age recommendation: Ages 5 to 12


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