Punchline recommends Lou Sanders: One Word: Wow

4 and a half stars
Lou Sanders
Lou Sanders: One Word: Wow

Words by Suzy Romer

Lou Sanders is an antidote to comedians who say, “I just tell jokes; they’re just words.” She knows what she wants to talk about, and she makes it very funny. She’s had a busy couple of years and her experiences seem to have given her a cool, calm, charismatic energy that has the audience hanging on her every word. The room practically hums with constant amusement, and she tips us into laughter whenever she pleases, which is about once per sentence.

Her stand-up feels like a great conversation and “heckles” are from audience members who forget they’re not supposed to reply. A man at the back suddenly bellows and makes everyone jump but he just needs to check up on a fact he missed. In the old days Lou might have sat on his lap or brought him up on stage but nowadays she doesn’t have the time or inclination to go off topic, so she answers his question and wraps things up, but when she checks in with him later, he’s become her best friend! Lou’s audience interaction and unpredictability onstage has always been one of her biggest attractions, and this new style feels ground-breaking; this is soft power in comedy and it’s thrilling.

Over the course of the hour, we explore topics including age difference in relationships, taking up skating as an adult (kudos to the star of the show), journal keeping and even life and death. Everything comes with a mix of offbeat comments, light-touch insights, and a string of jokes that come from Lou-knows-where. This is a distinctive performer at the glorious height of her power; if you’ve ever wanted to step into uncertainty and trust it’s all going to fine, an hour with Lou Sanders is a safe bet. Wow.

Click here to buy tickets for Lou Sanders: One Word: Wow

5.40pm | Monkey Barrel 3 | until 28 August

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