Punchline Recommends Jayde Adams: Men, I Can Save You

4 stars
Jayde Adams: Men, I Can Save You

Words by Iain McLaren

Jayde Adams always serves up her own brand of comedy which leaves everyone wanting more. This year’s show is no exception. “Men, I Can Save You” sees Jayde “Christ” Adams attempt to explain why men’s time might just be up, but honestly, I think that might just be fine. But men, even if we win lose or draw you will leave this hour thankful that she even tried.

Jayde’s talent for anecdotes and storytelling in a way that reaches inside you is sheer brilliance. Making even horrible situations funny without losing the raw emotion or diminishing the importance of the tale. She connects to everyone in the audience on one or many levels and when you leave the room you will feel like you have made a new best friend.

While Jayde is a rollercoaster of hilarity and emotion, she is an amazingly safe pair of hands and a true performer worthy of every stage. We wish her well and good luck on her next stage as she embarks on the Strictly Come Dancing journey.

Click here to buy tickets for Jayde Adams: Men, I Can Save You

8.20pm | Pleasance Courtyard (Cabaret Bar) | until 28 August


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