Punchline Recommends The Delightful Sausage: Nowt But Sea

4 stars
The Delightful Sausage (sketch double act)
Delightful Sausage: Nowt But Sea

Words by Suzy Romer

If there’s such a thing as “high comedy”, Delightful Sausage probably isn’t it, and to be fair there’s hefty clue in their name, but that’s precisely what’s brilliant about this Northern double act. This show is flipping good fun.

Amy Gledhill and Christopher Cantrill arrive with a ready-made atmosphere of silliness and fun that envelops the audience immediately. There’s a constant crossfire of daft jokes and ribbing that includes us all as if we were best friends out on a holiday weekend.

We start our adventure as our new pals arrive on a millionaire’s private island rife with mystery and seagulls. What follows is a delightful hour of bumbling heroism, oozing villainy and piñata full of twisty-turny surprises. Between the big screen, props and costumes, there’s always something interesting going on and we’re occasionally treated to satirical one-liner fireworks that make us all say, “Oooh….”

While the show is definitely not for under 16s, it bursts with youthful energy and since it’s on at 12.45pm it makes a great kick-off to a day of comedy shows at the Fringe. Treat yourself to a happy hour of bubbly company, effervescent fun and giggles galore.

Click here to buy tickets for Delightful Sausage: Nowt But Sea

12.45pm | Monkey Barrel 4 | until 28 August


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