Funny Women Awards 2016 Opens

Are you the next Sarah Millican or Bridget Christie? Here’s your chance to show the world! The Funny Women Awards began in 2003, and have helped to shape successful careers for many brilliant comedians, writers and filmmakers, such as Bridget Christie, Susan Calman, Katherine Ryan, Sara Pascoe, Zoe Lyons and Sarah Millican. The awards answerContinue reading “Funny Women Awards 2016 Opens”


Punchline Recommends: Iain Stirling ‘Touchy Feely’

Words by Susan Ford You may recognise Iain Stirling as a children’s TV presenter, or maybe more recently as the voiceover for Love Island: whichever way you’ve known Iain in the past, be sure that by the end of the Fringe you’ll recognise Iain Stirling as one of Scotland’s best comedians. Iain Stirling performs hisContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Iain Stirling ‘Touchy Feely’”

Punchline Recommends: Tom Toal ‘Sunshine on Bexleyheath’

Words by Susan Ford Tom Toal is a real feel-good, super-lovely comedian, and it’s completely impossible not to enjoy an hour in his company. This year Tom Toal returns to the Edinburgh Festival for his second full show ‘Sunshine on Bexleyheath’ at Pleasance Courtyard, and I strongly recommend taking the time to watch him now.Continue reading “Punchline Recommends: Tom Toal ‘Sunshine on Bexleyheath’”

Punchline Recommends: Nish Kumar ‘Long Word… Long Word… Blah Blah Blah… I’m So Clever’

Words by Susan Ford Nish Kumar is a truly brilliant comedian, and he is showing Fringe audiences just how good he is with his new show ‘Long Word… Long Word… Blah Blah Blah… I’m So Clever’. As a self-confessed left-wing comedian, Nish covers some very big issues, and he covers them well, bringing humour toContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Nish Kumar ‘Long Word… Long Word… Blah Blah Blah… I’m So Clever’”

Punchline Recommends: Kai Humphries ‘How to be Happy’

Words by Susan Ford Kai Humphries is happy, and he’s spending an hour each night at the Edinburgh Festival sharing with us how we can be just as happy as him. His new show for 2015 ‘How to Be Happy’ is completely infectious, an hour of comedy that will leave you buckled over in laughter,Continue reading “Punchline Recommends: Kai Humphries ‘How to be Happy’”

Punchline Recommends: John Hastings ‘Marked From the Start’

Words by Susan Ford Punchline favourite John Hastings returns to the Festival this year, in a bigger venue with an even bigger show. ‘Marked From the Start’ is a hilarious, yet emotional tale of John’s early years, and how family life in Canada has shaped him into the comedian he is today. John tells hisContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: John Hastings ‘Marked From the Start’”

Punchline Recommends: Rob Beckett ‘Mouth of the South’

Words by Susan Ford If you like Rob Beckett on TV, you will like Rob Beckett on the stage – he really is that funny in real life. ‘Mouth of the South’ is Rob’s brand new Fringe show for 2015, and is definitely worth a watch if you get a chance this festival. Rob Beckett’sContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Rob Beckett ‘Mouth of the South’”

Punchline Recommends: Laura Lexx ‘Lovely’

Words by Susan Ford Laura Lexx is Lovely in every possible way; she is upbeat, friendly, optimistic and a seriously good comedian. Laura has a lovely story, and she’s using her first hour long solo show at the Edinburgh Festival to share it with us. Laura Lexx has a beautiful stage presence, perky and smileyContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Laura Lexx ‘Lovely’”

Punchline Recommends: Andrew Ryan ‘Perfectly Inadequate’

Words by Susan Ford Andrew Ryan is delightfully charming and equally funny in his new 2015 show ‘Perfectly Inadequate’. Andrew’s hour set includes his current tales of living as an Irish man in London, alongside very personal stories of his family and home. This show is good old fashioned, story-telling at its best, and isContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Andrew Ryan ‘Perfectly Inadequate’”

Punchline Recommends: Tez Ilyas ‘Tez Talks’

Words by Susan Ford ‘Tez Talks’ is the new show from Tez Ilyas, and is an outstanding hour of comedy. Born and raised in the UK, Tez Talks about being a Muslim in modern day Britain. The show is less political than you may think, and instead, is an absolutely hilarious round up of hisContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Tez Ilyas ‘Tez Talks’”