Punchline recommends Mark Simmons: One Linererer

Words by Susan Stewart The Edinburgh Fringe is an excellent platform for comedians and performers to talk about big issues, and this year has certainly brought a lot of well-deserved hot topics to the forefront of comedy. However, sometimes you just need hundreds of jokes thrown at you really quickly, to momentarily forget how greyContinue reading “Punchline recommends Mark Simmons: One Linererer”

Punchline recommends Henry Paker: Man Alive

Words by Ross Stark A live drawing intro is a gentle ice breaker that kicks off this absolute treat of a show. Paker paints an image of living an unhappy middle class life; doing so only to keep his middle class wife happy. However, not everything is as it seems. The show cuts between Paker’sContinue reading “Punchline recommends Henry Paker: Man Alive”