How the devil are you, Yuriko Kotani?

I could see the front row burst into laughter, huge laughs continues all the way through at every punchlines I’ve written. Some are crying as laughing too hard

How the devil are you, Danielle Walker?

“My Fringe show is about the process of trying to document my family. Every single one of them is a character, I have videos throughout the show of them because if not people don’t believe me when I talk about them.”

How the devil are you, Helen Bauer?

Who is your favourite cartoon character and why? Do you remember the Disney pixar short ‘The Birds’, well the Big Bird in that that tries to make friends with all the little birds but get bullied by them then ends up surrounded by all of them naked (bird naked aka no feathers) yeah that birdContinue reading “How the devil are you, Helen Bauer?”