Edinburgh Fringe Review: David Morgan ‘Pretty’

Words by Susan Ford David Morgan is Pretty, there is absolutely no denying it. For David however, it’s taken a lot to believe it himself, and find the confidence to talk about it in front of a sell out crowd. On these grounds however, David Morgan is not vain or full of himself, instead, he isContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Review: David Morgan ‘Pretty’”


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Hindsight

Words by Susan Ford Hindsight is a new play written by Keir McAllister especially for this year’s Fringe, and stars three Scottish actors James Kirk, Ray Mearns and Paul Sneddon.  Keir McAllister, and the cast, are all great comedians in their own rights, and bring very unique comedic quirks to the play. At 13.15 inContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Review: Hindsight”

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Paul Currie ‘The Sticky Bivouac’

Words By Susan Ford Paul Currie must be mental, utter crazy, to come up with a show like ‘The Sticky Bivouac’.  I say this in a light-hearted way, and in no means derogatory: I say it because I have never encountered anything as surreal, not even on TV nevermind on stage.  Paul Currie trained asContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Review: Paul Currie ‘The Sticky Bivouac’”

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Bob and Jim ‘Two Stars’

Words by Susan Ford If Punchline gave out stars, we would give Bob and Jim a lot more than two for their show ‘Two Stars’.  This year is a follow up to last year’s show ‘Go!’ and sets them apart again, as one of the best acts on the Fringe. The pair are just brilliant,Continue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Review: Bob and Jim ‘Two Stars’”

Edinburgh Fringe Review: Sean Hughes ‘Penguins’

Words by Susan Ford There is absolutely no need to start here with an introduction about who Sean Hughes is and a list of his achievements: Sean Hughes is well known in comedy for all the right reasons. As a team captain on Nevermind the Buzzcocks, for me, Sean Hughes was my first experience ofContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Review: Sean Hughes ‘Penguins’”