Punchline’s Top 10 Comedy Shows

It’s difficult to narrow down our top picks for this year’s Fringe, but here is Punchline’s Starter for 10 (in no particular order): Nick Helm is the only person in the comedy world who can get away calling himself a “One Man Mega Myth”. Those who came to October’s Punchline won’t need convincing. You will beContinue reading “Punchline’s Top 10 Comedy Shows”

Punchline’s Free Fringe Recommendations!

Words by Susan Ford As a comedian or performer, the beauty of the Fringe Festival lies in its ‘anyone can take part’ policy.  The theory is, that as long as you have a venue willing to house your show, you can perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This is the spirit very much at theContinue reading “Punchline’s Free Fringe Recommendations!”

Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Preview: an interview with The Colour Ham

Words by Susan Ford If you like more from your comedy show than just some plain old stand-up routines, then The Colour Ham is the group for you. The Colour Ham consists of three different personalities – a mind reader, a magician and a manic comedian. Individually, they have appeared alongside Jimmy Carr and DerrenContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Preview: an interview with The Colour Ham”

Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Preview: an interview with Katie Mulgrew

Words by Susan Ford Katie Mulgrew is currently previewing her new Edinburgh Fringe show up and down the country in the lead up to this year’s festival. The performance showcases this lovely lady as an extremely funny comedian, a clever joke writer at heart and a twister of the imagination. Last year at the FringeContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe 2013 Preview: an interview with Katie Mulgrew”