Punchline recommends Sam Nicoresti: Cancel Anti Wokeflake Snow Culture

Sam Nicoresti effortlessly brushes away the usual kneejerk gender arguments that derail any meaningful discussion, to talk (or think out loud) about it in a far more thoughtful, nuanced and funny way. 4 stars

Punchline Recommends The Listies: Prince of Skidmark

“There are jokes here for little ones, medium ones and big ones and it’s a joy to hear giggles coming from different age groups between the big laughs for everyone.” 5 stars

Punchline Recommends Ciarán Dowd: King Rodolfo

“King Rodolfo is taking over the Queen Dome at the Pleasance this year and it’s a marvel to behold. Since his last Fringe incarnation as a priest in 2019, Ciarán Dowd’s dazzling character has become a high-handed monarch, but how did he become king? Can he take his power to new heights? What’s his morning routine? All our questions are answered with a mix of bravado, beautifully spoken nonsense, and cheeky asides from this Spanish(-ish) lord among men.” 4 stars