Punchline’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Recommendations

Here they are! Our picks for this year’s Fringe. As usual, we advise you to see these acts live as YouTube just doesn’t do them justice. Alex Edelman: Just for Us With sizzling stories ranging from Stephen Fry and Prince William to Nazis, this bright young comic sheds blazing light on current themes in BritainContinue reading “Punchline’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Recommendations”

Punchline Quizzes Felicity Ward

Who puts your pants in the washing machine? Me. Why? What have you heard? Which words make you giggle or give you an inner flip of amusement? Cockfosters. Pianist. You know, all the classics. Tell us about your favourite addictions. I’m embarrassed to say Candy Crush. I’ve deleted it and downloaded it four times inContinue reading “Punchline Quizzes Felicity Ward”

Felicity Ward answers Punchline’s Burning Questions

What is the best advice for a new performer in Edinburgh? You will cry. It’s just a matter of when. What is the best advice for a new festival goer? You will cry. It’s a matter of when. What do you have to have in your fridge during August? The illusion that I will eatContinue reading “Felicity Ward answers Punchline’s Burning Questions”

Punchline Recommends Felicity Ward: 50% More Likely to Die

Words by Suzy Romer Felicity Ward treats us to an hour of polished, friendly stand-up with steady laughs from beginning to end. The overall show is structured around an eventful day in London but she packs in all sorts of treats along the way. She shares personal stories and wider truths, but crucially covers someContinue reading “Punchline Recommends Felicity Ward: 50% More Likely to Die”

Felicity Ward: An Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Interview

 One of Punchline’s Top 10 Recommendations for this fringe, Felicity Ward is the funniest comedian we haven’t booked. But the exciting news is that she has moved to the UK from Australia so perhaps we’ll persuade her… we caught up with her ahead of her 2014 fringe show: The Iceberg.   Hello Felicity Ward, how excitedContinue reading “Felicity Ward: An Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Interview”

Punchline’s Top 10 Comedy Shows for the 2014 Fringe

The Edinburgh Fringe is famous for its vast variety of performers taking to the stage in just one month, so how could we possibly narrow it down to 10? Well, here it is, Punchline’s Top 10 shows for the 2014 Fringe: 1. Bridget Christie: An Ungrateful Woman Last year’s big winner of the Edinburgh Comedy Award. Grab a coffee instead ofContinue reading “Punchline’s Top 10 Comedy Shows for the 2014 Fringe”

Punchline’s Top 10 Comedy Shows

It’s difficult to narrow down our top picks for this year’s Fringe, but here is Punchline’s Starter for 10 (in no particular order): Nick Helm is the only person in the comedy world who can get away calling himself a “One Man Mega Myth”. Those who came to October’s Punchline won’t need convincing. You will beContinue reading “Punchline’s Top 10 Comedy Shows”