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Punchline recommends Kieran Hodgson: ’75

16 Aug

Photograph of Kieran HodgsonWords by Suzy Romer

Kieran Hodgson is a multi-talented writer and performer who masters any subject of his choosing. This year he provides a rich, frothy hour of comedy from the most unlikely of sources; the story of how the UK joined Europe. It turns out that there’s a heck of a lot we don’t know but that’s OK because we are treated to Kieran’s round-up of an actual shelf-load of books which he has absorbed, highlighted and dramatised to full comedy potential for our delight.

The script is thoroughly brought to life by marvellous impressions, gorgeous music, snappy lighting changes and Kieran’s ever-changing presentation of himself which veers between self-deprecating eye-rolling and unashamed flights of fancy. He is quick to point out his own errors of judgement and biases with cheeky asides that make the audience giggle.

It’s a great reminder that our perspectives are more flexible than we think, and that the ability to see different perspectives simultaneously is what we need to enjoy a joke as much as to get through political negotiations. There is no lazy disrespect for vulnerable targets here though, nor the desire to provoke anger and distraction from real issues and responsibilities. Instead, the show is a splendid attempt to get to grips with political events that affect us all and look for a kind, civilised way to take action. Forget the social media extremes and sensationalist headlines for an hour. Kieran does us the favour of reminding everyone in the room that whatever our opinions, there is always some common ground to let off steam and have a laugh. He finds the funny in whatever he touches and brings it to us in an easy-to-use format that makes the hour illuminating and highly entertaining.

Catch Kieran Hodgson: ’75 at Pleasance Courtyard at 8.15pm throughout August. Extra shows have been added at different times

Punchline’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Recommendations

7 Aug

Here they are! Our picks for this year’s Fringe. As usual, we advise you to see these acts live as YouTube just doesn’t do them justice.

Photograph of Alex EdelmanAlex Edelman: Just for Us

With sizzling stories ranging from Stephen Fry and Prince William to Nazis, this bright young comic sheds blazing light on current themes in Britain and the U.S.

8pm, Pleasance Courtyard

Tickets and information

Punchline Q&A



Photograph of Lazy SusanLazy Susan: Forgive Me, Mother!

An hour of comic perfection with a twist of horror that will stay with you long after the show. Who says sketch is harmless?

4.20pm, Assembly George Square

Tickets and information




Photograph of Darren HarriottDarren Harriott: Visceral

Easy going hour of top notch comedy from this incredibly assured comedian. Only in his second Fringe, he already has star quality. Get in there.

9.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard

Tickets and information




Lou Sanders: Shame Pig

An afternoon delight with material as fascinating as it is explicit. Lou has a charismatic charm that has to be experienced live.

12.30pm, Monkey Barrel

Tickets and information




Photograph of Rosie JonesRosie Jones: Fifteen Minutes

After years of comedy experience behind the scenes as a TV writer, Rosie Jones is making a killer start to her stand up career with an impressive supply of wicked one-liners.

8.30pm, Pleasance Courtyard

Tickets and information

Punchline Q&A



Photograph of Tim KeyTim Key: Wonderdate

Worshipped by many, Tim Key recently made a splendid short film, Wonderdate, for the BBC. This is the live show along the same lines.

11.15pm, Pleasance Courtyard from 16th August

Tickets and information




Photograph of Suzi RuffellSuzi Ruffell: Nocturnal

If you haven’t seen her on TV yet, you will soon. Suzi upped her game last year and this may be your last chance to see her in a smaller venue.

9.45pm, Pleasance Courtyard

Tickets and information




Photograph of Kieran HodgsonKieran Hodgson:’75

Kieran Hodgson reinvents himself yet again, this time with a new perspective on Brexit.

8.15pm, Pleasance Courtyard

Tickets and information




Photograph of Laura LexxLaura Lexx: Trying

Laura Lexx has reached a new level in life and comedy. She whetted our appetite with her fantastic Punchline Q&A and we can’t wait to see this year’s show.

5.15pm, Gilded Balloon

Tickets and information

Punchline Q&A



Photograph of Foil, Arms and HogFoil, Arms and Hog: Craicling

They have had a gazillion YouTube hits and deservedly so. High energy and polished sketches from this switched-on trio.

9pm, Underbelly

Tickets and information




Photograph of Felicity WardFelicity Ward: Busting A Nut

We’ve been banging on about her for years. If you have seen her you’ll know why; if you haven’t, get a wiggle on.

9pm, Pleasance Courtyard

Tickets and information

Punchline Q&A



Most shows are on every day until 26th August and some have a day off. Please double check details and availability with the venue.

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