Impertinent Questions for Laura Lexx

What is your favourite synonym for “bum”? I love tush. It’s so cute. Whose swearing makes you laugh the most? Scottish people’s. If combined with the above question, I particularly love a Scot referring to a bumhole as a hoop. Who should come to see your show and why? Everyone wanting a clever belly laugh with someContinue reading “Impertinent Questions for Laura Lexx”

Punchline’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Recommendations

Here they are! Our picks for this year’s Fringe. As usual, we advise you to see these acts live as YouTube just doesn’t do them justice. Alex Edelman: Just for Us With sizzling stories ranging from Stephen Fry and Prince William to Nazis, this bright young comic sheds blazing light on current themes in BritainContinue reading “Punchline’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Recommendations”

Laura Lexx Answers Punchline’s Increasingly Inquisitive Questions

Who puts your pants in the washing machine? Usually me but if I have guests round I think it’s rude not to offer. Which words make you giggle or give you an inner flip of amusement? I like the phrase “underlying understanding”. What a lovely quirk of language that is. Tell us about your favouriteContinue reading “Laura Lexx Answers Punchline’s Increasingly Inquisitive Questions”