Punchline’s Top Edinburgh Fringe Shows 2022

It’s been three whole years since a full Edinburgh Fringe and we’re getting the zoomies just thinking about it! We’ve got a right old mix of classics and new favourites.

Punchline’s Top Fringe Shows 2021

It´s that exhilarating time of year again and wow have we got a great line-up of live comedy shows for you! There are of course a few changes to watch out for, as you might expect. Most shows are only running for a few nights rather than the whole month, although there are some pluckyContinue reading “Punchline’s Top Fringe Shows 2021”

Punchline recommends 30 minute wonder shows: Krystal Evans and Amy Matthews

The most common format for shows at the Fringe is the hour-long spectacular. While this is great, not everyone has time to spare, especially during the week. This year however there seem to be a range of 30 minute shows showcasing some great talent which you could take in over a lunchtime. Krystal Evans: FishnetsContinue reading “Punchline recommends 30 minute wonder shows: Krystal Evans and Amy Matthews”

Punchline Recommends Lou Sanders: Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy

Words by Iain McLaren Lou Sanders just keeps getting better and better. Her all round comedy performance and amazing material hits new highs this year with Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy. Hot off the back of her brilliant Taskmaster triumph, Lou shares a self-reflective look at her past relationships, sex life and conversations withContinue reading “Punchline Recommends Lou Sanders: Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy”

Impertinent Questions for Susan Riddell

What is your favourite synonym for “bum”? Farter. And I’ll tell you my worst one too. I was watching that drama with Robert Carlyle Looking after Jojo he’s about 12 in it. Anyway, the baddie guy called it a ‘bot bot’ and I nearly spewed. Whose swearing makes you laugh the most? My 3-year-old nephewContinue reading “Impertinent Questions for Susan Riddell”

Impertinent Questions for Rosco McClelland

What is your favourite synonym for “bum”? That’s a tough one right at the top, I think bum does the job! But if I can’t just choose bum then probably second on the list would be “Farter”… but hold the F for gravitas. Whose swearing makes you laugh the most? Currently Tim Robinson, he makesContinue reading “Impertinent Questions for Rosco McClelland”

Punchline’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Recommendations

Here they are! Our picks for this year’s Fringe. As usual, we advise you to see these acts live as YouTube just doesn’t do them justice. Alex Edelman: Just for Us With sizzling stories ranging from Stephen Fry and Prince William to Nazis, this bright young comic sheds blazing light on current themes in BritainContinue reading “Punchline’s 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Recommendations”