Des O’Gorman Celebrates 30 Years of Ghostbusters with New Stand Up Show

Irish comedian, actor and self-confessed nerd Des O’Gorman is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the classic movie Ghostbusters next week in Edinburgh. His hour long stand up show, entitled “STILL ready to believe you..”  will take place in The Counting House, on Friday 6th June. The performance will be a tribute to Ghostbusters, nerd culture and, in Des’sContinue reading “Des O’Gorman Celebrates 30 Years of Ghostbusters with New Stand Up Show”

Edinburgh Fringe Highlights: David O’Doherty ‘Will Try to Fix Everything’

Words by Susan Ford Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be an Edinburgh Fringe without David O’Doherty and his endless qualms about the world. Equipped with his miniature keyboard and well of funny songs, O’Doherty delivers his 2013 production in the side-splittingly funny way he does every year. His show ‘David O’Doherty Will Try to Fix Everything’ isContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Highlights: David O’Doherty ‘Will Try to Fix Everything’”

Edinburgh Fringe Highlights: James Acaster ‘Lawnmower’

Words by Susan Ford Twice ‘Edinburgh Comedy Award’ runner up James Acaster has quickly become one of my favourite comedians at the Fringe this year. Acaster glides his way through a well written set, never wavering from his usual sombre style (except once when he repeats a line twice due to giddiness from performing on theContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Highlights: James Acaster ‘Lawnmower’”

Edinburgh Fringe Recommendation: Paul McCaffrey ‘Name in Lights’

Words by Susan Ford Paul McCaffrey finally has proven everyone wrong by convincingly setting his name in lights for the Edinburgh Festival. Teachers said it would never happen, but thanks to technology, there it is “PAUL MCCAFFREY” burning its way in to our retinas from the stage. Bar the very obvious prop, Paul McCaffrey confirmsContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Recommendation: Paul McCaffrey ‘Name in Lights’”

Edinburgh Fringe Recommendation: Now That’s What I Carl Donnelly

Words by Susan Ford I think one of the reasons I like Carl Donnelly so much today is because of the volume of gags that take place in a zoo, and I really love a zoo! At first impression, you could say that Carl Donnelly is an observational comedian, but be quick to dismiss thatContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Recommendation: Now That’s What I Carl Donnelly”