Edinburgh Fringe Review: Seann Walsh ‘The Lie-In King’

Words by Susan Ford “Punchline headliner Seann Walsh is the Lie-in king at this year’s Fringe” Seann Walsh will be the next Punchline headliner in October, so we highly recommend you check out him out, obviously! His show this year at the festival has already been a massive success, with most nights selling out inContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Review: Seann Walsh ‘The Lie-In King’”


Edinburgh Fringe Review: Paul Currie ‘The Sticky Bivouac’

Words By Susan Ford Paul Currie must be mental, utter crazy, to come up with a show like ‘The Sticky Bivouac’.  I say this in a light-hearted way, and in no means derogatory: I say it because I have never encountered anything as surreal, not even on TV nevermind on stage.  Paul Currie trained asContinue reading “Edinburgh Fringe Review: Paul Currie ‘The Sticky Bivouac’”

Punchline’s Free Fringe Recommendations!

Words by Susan Ford As a comedian or performer, the beauty of the Fringe Festival lies in its ‘anyone can take part’ policy.  The theory is, that as long as you have a venue willing to house your show, you can perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  This is the spirit very much at theContinue reading “Punchline’s Free Fringe Recommendations!”

Punchline 2013 Line Up Revealed: a look at Punchline’s past

By Susan Ford As the festival announcements come in thick and fast, Punchline are getting in on the action to reveal some very exciting news: October’s line-up has now been revealed. Before I jump straight in to that, let’s take a look back at the hilarious comedians and acts that have made the Punchline nameContinue reading “Punchline 2013 Line Up Revealed: a look at Punchline’s past”

Edinburgh Festival 2013 preview: an interview with Tom Toal

Edinburgh Festival is fast approaching, and as the line ups, headliners and most anticipated new acts are announced, I thought I’d get in on the action. After last year’s Fringe, I only managed to squeeze in 67 shows, but I did see some cracking comedians that are bound to make an even bigger and betterContinue reading “Edinburgh Festival 2013 preview: an interview with Tom Toal”

Introducing Rosalind Romer, otherwise known as Punchline

Welcome to Punchline’s first blog! As the first entry, we thought you might like to know a little more about the person behind the scenes… I am Rosalind Romer, otherwise known as Punchline. I produce and promote large-scale comedy shows in Edinburgh, bringing the best comedians together to create amazing nights of comedy. Comedy has always beenContinue reading “Introducing Rosalind Romer, otherwise known as Punchline”