In the Hot Seat: Richard Gadd

If you missed last year’s Edinburgh Comedy Award winner Richard Gadd, here is your chance to see it. Close your eyes and picture Edinburgh. What do you see? The meadows. Green, wet grass. Giant billboards everywhere. Oh, and it’s raining. Always fucking raining. What is the last thing that made you snort with laughter? IContinue reading “In the Hot Seat: Richard Gadd”

The Best Shows at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe

The magic is about to start again and it’s time for your annual menu of events from Punchline. It includes some discoveries since last year as well as some classics. No doubt this year’s discoveries will become classics by next year…   Larry Dean: Farcissist Pleasance Courtyard, 7.15pm Remember the ice challenge on Facebook? LarryContinue reading “The Best Shows at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe”