Punchline recommends Sam Nicoresti: Cancel Anti Wokeflake Snow Culture

Sam Nicoresti effortlessly brushes away the usual kneejerk gender arguments that derail any meaningful discussion, to talk (or think out loud) about it in a far more thoughtful, nuanced and funny way. 4 stars

Punchline Recommends The Listies: Prince of Skidmark

“There are jokes here for little ones, medium ones and big ones and it’s a joy to hear giggles coming from different age groups between the big laughs for everyone.” 5 stars

Punchline Recommends Ciarán Dowd: King Rodolfo

“King Rodolfo is taking over the Queen Dome at the Pleasance this year and it’s a marvel to behold. Since his last Fringe incarnation as a priest in 2019, Ciarán Dowd’s dazzling character has become a high-handed monarch, but how did he become king? Can he take his power to new heights? What’s his morning routine? All our questions are answered with a mix of bravado, beautifully spoken nonsense, and cheeky asides from this Spanish(-ish) lord among men.” 4 stars

Punchline’s Top Edinburgh Fringe Shows 2022

It’s been three whole years since a full Edinburgh Fringe and we’re getting the zoomies just thinking about it! We’ve got a right old mix of classics and new favourites.

BEASTS answer Punchline’s Burning Questions

What is the best advice for a new performer in Edinburgh?   See as much as you can. What is the best advice for a new festival goer? See as much as you can. Or alternatively, just come and see BEASTS every single day. What do you have to have in your fridge during August?Continue reading “BEASTS answer Punchline’s Burning Questions”

Lazy Susan answer Punchline’s Burning Questions

What is the best advice for a new performer in Edinburgh?  Flyer and talk to people – you are the best person to sell your show. Commit to every aspect of your show when you perform it – your show will have flaws but try not to point out where they are. People will startContinue reading “Lazy Susan answer Punchline’s Burning Questions”