Punchline recommends Tom Parry: Parryoke!

Words by Suzy Romer If Tom Parry’s name is attached to any show as a writer, director or performer, you can guarantee it will be a great laugh. Parryoke! is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy an hour in the vibrant, effervescent company of the Renaissance man of comedy. This is his most strictly stand-up showContinue reading “Punchline recommends Tom Parry: Parryoke!”


Punchline recommends Beetlemania: Kafka for Kids

Words by Iain McLaren It’s the start of the festival and my second as a father. Last year didn’t really count all that much though as my son was too small to take anything in or sit still for long enough. However this year is different. With that in mind this year’s Fringe kicks offContinue reading “Punchline recommends Beetlemania: Kafka for Kids”

Punchline recommends Tom Parry: Yellow T-shirt

Words by Suzy Romer Imagine a long hug from a best friend you haven’t seen for ages. Now put Beethoven’s Ode to Joy on in the background. That’s how joyous Tom Parry’s show is – for a whole hour! It’s stand-up, but not as you know it. In fact, there are so many interesting thingsContinue reading “Punchline recommends Tom Parry: Yellow T-shirt”

Punchline Recommends: Beasts – Solo

Words by Suzy Romer High-octane isn’t normally an expression used to describe a comedy sketch show but this year’s Beasts is a real adrenaline rush of wild things. It’s got sex, it’s got violence, and it’s got magic which is as good and bad as it gets. Directed by Tom Parry from Pappy’s, you canContinue reading “Punchline Recommends: Beasts – Solo”