10 Ways to Make your Money Go Further at the Edinburgh Fringe

Save Cash at the Fringe

If living statues and youth theatre don’t float your boat, there are loads of tricks to saving you cash at the fringe so you can see the shows you want to see. Here are Punchline’s favourites:

1. Previews: Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th August

Before the Fringe officially begins on 7th August, lots of acts will preview shows at a cheaper rate. Check listings for details. Sometimes technical shows are best left to settle in, but good comedians will improvise around mistakes so you’ll get jokes nobody else will!

2. Free Tickets

Hang about big venues for the first few days of the Fringe and you may get free tickets. For the first performances, acts and venues want bums on seats and people to spread the word. So grab a drink at a venue which has lots of shows (Pleasance and Assembly George Square have been particularly fruitful in the past…). Just remember to be supportive at first performances and laugh lots in return for your free tickets.

3. 2 for 1 Tickets: Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th August

Most shows offer 2 for 1 tickets for the two days, which you get automatically when booking through the Fringe Box office or directly at venues. Be prepared to be mocked for being a cheapskate by the act. They also sell out for some bigger names so get in quickly.

4. The Virgin Money Half Price Hut on the Mound: 10am to 9pm, 12-31 August

Tickets are 50% off rather than 2 for 1, which is handy if you’re on your own or in a group with an odd number of people. Offers are posted daily. Turn up in person or download the handy app.

5. The Scotsman

The Scotsman often offers a free ticket giveaway at the start of the Fringe. Keep an eye on Punchline’s Facebook page for offers as we find them. They also offer 2 for 1 tickets throughout the festival.

6. 2 for 1 boards at venues

Keep an eye out for boards outside some box offices with 2 for 1 deals.

7. Free Shows

There is a huge number of amazing free shows at the Fringe. Let’s just say at the outset that it’s free to get in but you give a donation at the end. Some shows guarantee entry for a fiver. If you liked the show do leave a fiver, as that’s still dirt cheap. Do leave more if you think it’s worth it. The fringe financially cripples many comedians every year – let’s do our bit to help.

We’ll be doing a guide to free shows to help you avoid having to skulk past someone holding a bucket who has just made you cringe for an hour.

8. BBC Tent at Bristo Square


Go to the BBC website and apply for up to 4 tickets before 10pm on Sunday 5th July for a whole bunch of free shows being recorded for the radio. There are also loads of shows announced every day, and free performances throughout the day. Definitely worth a peek if you’re in the Bristo Square area.

9. Save Admin Charges on Tickets

If you buy your tickets in person at the Fringe Box Office on the Royal Mile, or at the venues themselves, you’ll save pounds on admin fees (which can be fairly hefty per ticket). Some tickets sell out in advance so if you’re not in Edinburgh, you might be better off taking the hit to ensure you get the tickets for shows you’re desperate to see.

10. Pleasance Cheaper Tickets Monday & Tuesday

Pleasance are doing cheaper tickets for over 200 shows every Monday and Tuesday of the Fringe.

They also have an awesome launch at 11AM on Saturday 8th August. This is a chance to see a selection of their best comedy, theatre and music, all for free! Here’s the video from last year and you can book FREE here.

Have we missed anything? Tell everyone your Fringe cash-saving tips on Facebook or Twitter!


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