Impertinent Questions for Glenn Moore

Glenn MooreWhat is your favourite synonym for “bum”?


Whose swearing makes you laugh the most?
Michael York in Curb Your Enthusiasm saying “Bum, fuck, bugger and balls.”

Who should come to see your show and why?
Anyone making full use of the babes in arms policy – double the audience that way, and I get to start building a fanbase amongst the very newest generation.

Who are you excited about seeing this year?
I’m going to say my housemates’ shows, to avoid any unpleasantness from them: go and see Garrett Millerick, Pierre Novellie and Phil Wang.

Imagine you come off stage and find a wish come true. Which food/drink/present/person would be waiting for you?
St Peter, to tell me I’ve just performed so well that I’ve passed away.

Describe your perfect day at the Fringe.
Bella Italia at 10am for their breakfast menu, then at midday a trip to Café Rouge, followed by an afternoon snack at Bella Italia. After my show at 4pm, I’m usually peckish, so I tend to have a post-show Bella Italia. By the late evening, regardless of whether or not I’m hungry, that sweet siren song of Bella Italia will oft call me back for one last meal.

How long does it take to come down after a show and how do you do it?
If a show goes really well, I go out for dinner straight afterwards and eat alone – it really brings me crashing back down to earth afterwards. I promise I genuinely do this.

In the game “Would You Rather?” what’s the hardest choice you have had to make?
Would you rather be alone forever, or meet the love of your life but at the age of 100 you get eaten by a shark. You’d mostly have a perfect life, but on that final day you’d be sat there in your care home thinking “Logistically, how’s this one going to pan out tomorrow?”

What’s your favourite Brexit metaphor?
It’s going to a nightclub that you insist is great, and even when you arrive to find it burned down years ago, you spend hours trying to break in.

Who or what helped you believe you were going to make it in comedy?
A signed Tim Vine ticket from a gig I couldn’t make 10 years ago that he wrote some very nice comedy advice on.

Tell us something your agent doesn’t want us to know.
I pitched to her an idea for a book, after which she said “It is imperative you never, ever repeat that idea.” That bad apparently.

Buy tickets for Glenn Moore: Love Don’t Live Here Glenny Moore here

4pm | Pleasance Courtyard | 31 July, 1-25 Aug


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