Edinburgh Fringe Highlights: David O’Doherty ‘Will Try to Fix Everything’

davidodWords by Susan Ford

Let’s face it, it wouldn’t be an Edinburgh Fringe without David O’Doherty and his endless qualms about the world. Equipped with his miniature keyboard and well of funny songs, O’Doherty delivers his 2013 production in the side-splittingly funny way he does every year. His show ‘David O’Doherty Will Try to Fix Everything’ is a montage of all the things that have really angered David this year, performed dramatically through music and vivid stand up.

Themes of anger this year include having short legs, children’s pictures, and mostly that man in the audience who keeps texting!  His reasons why the world may be against him get more sinister and surreal every year, so it’s a good job he has got his keyboard with him to lighten the mood.  His songs are just as funny as his stand up material, making his show ultimately, another massive success.

Although O’Doherty played in a huge venue this year, the promoters had to add extra shows (as they do most years!) to the run to keep up with demands: this reflection on his popularity comes from the quality of his performance and his status as a well-liked comedian.  If you didn’t manage to catch David O’Doherty’s downright hilarious show at the Fringe this year, fingers crossed he will make a delightful return in 2014.


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