Punchline Q&A – Andrew Ryan

Photo of Andrew RyanWhat is the best advice for a new performer in Edinburgh? Expect nothing and it will be fun then.

What is the best advice for a new festival goer? Go and see people you don’t know,  take risks on flyers and just be impulsive.

What do you have to have in your fridge during August? Butter, milk and veg that’s gone out of date.

What is the weirdest after-show comment you have had from an audience member? “Why are you pretending to be Irish?”

Which living person would you like to spot in your audience? My niece as she is my biggest fan.

What is the best non-Fringe thing about the city of Edinburgh? Nothing. Don’t go anywhere don’t see anything.

How do you relieve Fringe cabin fever? I’ve not had it yet. I like the Fringe.

Who or what last made you laugh like a hyena at the Fringe? Seeing a woman turn up 25 minutes late for a show and then complain to staff that they should have held the show for her! I mean nobody is that important.

Tell us about your 2016 show. It’s my best show to date. I love performing it and it’s quite personal (but light).  I’ve been going through a process of change in my life from last year, starting when I had to change the way I eat so I wanted to change my behaviours in my life too.

What are the best shows at the Fringe apart from yours? Nick Cody is ace!

When you go home and your friends say “How was Edinburgh?”, what will you say? I loved it. People came and I’ve sold out most nights so far and I want to do it again.

Andrew Ryan ‘Ruined’ is on at the Assembly George Square Studios at 7.50pm until 28 August.


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