In the Hot Seat: Larry Dean

Photograph of Larry DeanWe’ve always been a big fan of Larry

Close your eyes and picture Edinburgh. What do you see?

For some reason the first thing I see is a group of distressed tourists walking down the Cowgate in the rain, clearly thinking they’re on the Royal Mile. One of them is holding a soggy map upside-down and they’re all wearing waterproof ponchos. I try to help them but they can’t understand my accent. The map says ‘Glasgow’.

What is the last thing that made you snort with laughter?

When I played a voice message from my partner assuming it would be them saying something sentimental like ‘I love you’ only to get a long rasping fart in the ear.

Tell us about this year’s show.

It’s about acceptance and my own delusion. Still a week to go until the fringe though – everything could change!

Who do you want to see this year?

Matt Price: Weedfairy and Martha Mcbrier: Balamory Doubtfire

Do you have any Edinburgh Fringe traditions?

Well I don’t drink any alcohol until the last night of the fringe. I just can’t do an hour with a hangover. So yeah I usually turn up with a few cans for my last show…

What is your getting ready music?

Anything upbeat! I really need to get myself in a good mood before I go on as I’m not so funny when I’m grumpy or angry. The crapper the music the better too. Think all the 90’s pop you’ve taken care to forget. It helps me remember that people will enjoy anything if you present it well.

If you could have any guest in your show, who would it be?

If it was someone to have in the audience, I would invite Fern Britton. Weird answer I know but she has one of the most infectious laughs.

What is the best backhanded compliment you have had?

When a friend came to see me at a gig and afterwards said ‘You did really well Larry! I couldn’t really hear what you were saying though because everyone was talking at the back’

Who made you howl with laughter when you were a child?

Jim Carrey and Robin Williams as I always loved watching the Mask and Mrs Doubtfire, I think silliness has always been the thing that makes me howl with laughter.

What should Donald Trump know?

CPR. Everyone should know CPR.

What do you do in Edinburgh that your parents wouldn´t approve of?


Catch Larry Dean: Fandan at 6.40pm at The Monkey Barrel throughout August


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