In the Hot Seat: Edd Hedges

Photograph of Edd HedgesClose your eyes and picture Edinburgh. What do you see?

The Gilded Balloon. It’s the best place in Edinburgh I think. It’s like sexy Hogwarts. For me it’s like the home of comedy during the Fringe and the team who work there are the coolest people in the world. I normally just run around it until an adult tells me off.

What is the last thing that made you snort with laughter?

I’ve just moved into my flat for this year’s Edinburgh with my friends and fellow comics Adam Rowe and Dimitri Bakanov. There was a skate board. I’ve never seen three grown adults have more fun with a bit of wood on wheels.

Tell us about this year’s show.

It’s a true story about the scariest night of my life. It happened last year and I kind of kept it to myself and didn’t tell anyone until this year. The first person I told was my best friend and comedy sister Sofie Hagen. When I told her she asked if she could direct it and it’s just snowballed from there. I’m really proud of it and I’ve had so much fun traveling up and down the country with Hagen trying it out and working in cafes late at night. I’m just super excited to start showing it to people!

Who do you want to see this year?

This year I’m really excited to see Sarah Kendall, Dane Baptiste and Sean McLoughlin. They are all amazing!

Do you have any Edinburgh Fringe traditions?

Every year I get a baked potato from the Tempting Tatti. Chicken tikka, cheese, and half a tub of butter. Followed by my second fringe tradition – chest pains.

What is your getting ready music?

I don’t really listen to music pre-show. I like to be talking to someone, it calms me down a bit more. It’s a real problem with me. I get too excited and then I spend the first 30 seconds onstage smiling and hyperventilating. It’s good to just be chatting about the weather then go on and calm and happy.

If you could have any guest in your show, who would it be?


What is the best backhanded compliment you have had?

I did gigs in Germany a year ago. In the show I said ‘this is the first time I’ve performed in Germany’ after the show someone said ‘it was actually ok considering this is the first time you’ve ever performed stand up’

Who made you howl with laughter when you were a child?

A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Billy Connolly and Father Ted.

What should Donald Trump know?

LOADS. Like. Ok. Have you seen House of Cards? I’ve been watching it and thinking there’s no way Donny-T knows all that stuff. There’s so much stuff to know!

What do you do in Edinburgh that your parents wouldn´t approve of?

You mean besides the stranglings?

Catch Edd Hedges: Wonderland at 4pm at the Gilded Balloon throughout August


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