How the devil are you, Susan Riddell?

Susan Riddell

Who is your favourite cartoon character and why?

Ren from “Ren and Stimpy”. I can relate to his twitching eye when Stimpy is snoring. 

What’s one of the best compliments you’ve received and what was it that made it significant for you?

A reviewer called me formidable which is funny cause I think I was just really tired. 

How old were you when you started telling jokes and can you remember the first one?

I only know one joke. What’s pink and hard? A pig with a flick knife. That’s my go to. I can’t remember what age I was when I said that.  

Describe your ideal front row audience member.

Someone with a reassuring face.

Which comedy routines have you watched until you know them by heart?

I don’t watch a lot of stand up so I don’t know anything by heart but I love Ali Wong’s new special and her terminology for lassies that date male comedians. In the UK they’re called gag hags but apparently in the U.S. they’re known as chuckle fuckers… which cracks me up.

What did you miss most about comedy in the last two years? What do you value more now because of it?

It’s very weird. I didn’t particularly enjoy doing stand-up pre lockdown but now I’m loving it and I still haven’t figured out why. There’s a lot more Scottish girls on the scene post lockdown. I’m really blown away by them all. Amanda Dwyer (hilarious) has started a monthly all female line up in Glasgow called “Material Girls” and all the lassies are bloody hilarious. It’s brilliant to see. 

Which podcast(s) can you not live without?

Jen Kirkman’s “No fun”, “The Blind Boy Podcast” and Joanne McNally’s “My Therapist Ghosted Me”. 

What is comedy’s greatest benefit for the world?

Making us all feel better about our shortcomings. 

Which shows do you have a great feeling about at this year’s Fringe?

My friend Rachel Jackson’s show “Almost Famous” about her quest to be famous while living with a debilitating mental illness. It’s hilarious and I think it’ll help a lot of people. The two of us are doing a one off sort of sketch show called ‘Whatever Happened to my Chow Mein’ on the 22nd at 5pm at Monkey Barrel. It’s something we’ve both wanted to do for years and we’re finally making it happen. It’s really daft, mad stuff.

Tell us about your Fringe show.

My show is called “Living My 2nd Best Life”, ’cause I hate the phrase living my best life. It’s all about not being where you thought you’d be in life at a certain age. It’s on at 8.10pm at Monkey Barrel Studio. It’s very light hearted and uplifting. No serious message. Oh, and I also explain why the Dalai Lama is a wee prick.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Mice laugh when you tickle them.

Click here to buy tickets for Susan Riddell: Living My 2nd Best Life

8.10pm | Monkey Barrel (Niddry St) | 4 – 28 August (not 15, 22)


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