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An Edinburgh Fringe 2014 Interview with Jason Cook

11 Aug

Words by Susan Ford

Jason Cook

Jason Cook

Jason Cook is a fantastic comedian, and his show ‘Broken’ was one of the first ones we recommended (read the recommendation here). With the festival now in full swing, I was delighted for the opportunity to catch up with Jason Cook to discuss his shows so far.

Hello Jason Cook how are you?
I’m a bit tired, bit hungover, just about to staple reviews to flyers, so overall, in a state of “unwilling admin”.

Are you enjoying the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?
I really am! It’s been great so far, and the reviews and audiences have all been lovely so I’m having a lovely time.

What have been your highlights from this year’s festival so far?
My daughter, who is 3, likes to do my soundcheck for me every day, so watching her run around with a mic in her hand makes me smile. And makes me also think she will be my retirement plan.

Your show is called ‘Broken’, Jason, are you ok?
I am now, but I wasn’t before. No-one is 100% fixed but I’m getting there.

Without giving too much away, what is your show about?
It’s about all the things in my life really, and how all those things, while positive, take their toll.

What have the audience reactions been like so far?
Great, loads of lovely comments and people waiting until after the show to come up and say hi.

What other shows do you recommend this year?
Carl Hutchinson, it’s a great show he’s got this year! Check him out!

See Jason Cook’s act ‘Broken‘ at the Edinburgh Festival, 5.40pm in Pleasance Dome (Queen Dome) until 24th August.

Punchline Recommends: Jason Cook ‘Broken’

3 Aug

Words by Susan Ford

Jason Cook

Jason Cook

Jason Cook may be ‘Broken’, but he’s written a really good show on the back of it. The things that have broken Jason the most are his family and his job. If this sounds like the depressing reality of your own life, then I recommend you spend an hour with Jason at the Fringe and watch him turn all unfortunate situations into hilarious anecdotes.

Whilst working on his sitcom ‘Hebburn’, Jason became seriously ill – only this brilliant writer and comedian could have an audience literally roaring with laughter as his stories of sickness unravel. Jason Cook turns unavoidable misery into a heart-warming show, whilst still remaining cheeky and incredibly funny throughout.

Jason Cook performs at the Pleasance Dome at 5.40 throughout the Fringe and I strongly recommend booking your seat early.

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