Punchline’s Top Fringe Shows 2019

8 Jul

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd

Christopher Macarthur-Boyd: Dreamboat

This comic is going to be massive. He knows how to keep you on the point of losing your cool until he releases the multiple belly laughs. A precocious talent for his years in comedy.

9pm | Gilded Balloon Teviot

31 July, 1-11, 13-25 Aug

Buy tickets here and read Christopher’s answers to our impertinent questions here

Phil Wang

Phil Wang: Philly Philly Wang Wang

There’s a buzz in the air about Phil Wang and we’re thinking this is going to be his breakthrough year. He’s done the run-up; now watch him fly.

8pm | Pleasance Courtyard

31 July, 1-11, 13-25 Aug

Buy tickets here

Sophie Duker

Sophie Duker: Venus

You may have seen Sophie Duker on Frankie Boyle’s New World Order. Her material is on-point and she delivers with a light touch. Read her sparky answers to Punchline’s questions and then go see for yourself.

7pm | Pleasance Courtyard

31 July, 1-13, 15-25 Aug

Buy tickets here and read Sophie’s answers to our impertinent questions here

Nick Offerman

Nick Offerman: All Rise

Ron from Parks and Recreation. The US comic comes to the Fringe for one night only. Need we say more?

6pm | Assembly Hall on the Mound

24 August only

Buy tickets here

Lou Sanders

Lou Sanders: Say Hello to Your New Step-Mummy

“Original” doesn’t seem quite enough to describe this Punchline favourite. Lou’s back with another cracking show title and we can’t wait to hear what she has to say this year.

3.15pm | Monkey Barrel

1-13, 15-25 Aug

Buy tickets here

Nick Helm

Nick Helm: Phoenix from the Flames

He’s back like a big fiery bird and we are expecting no less than majestic splendour from the ultimate showman.

5.40pm | Pleasance Dome

31 July, Aug 1-11, 13-24 Aug

Buy tickets here and read Nick’s answers to our impertinent questions here

Stephen Buchanan

Stephen Buchanan: Baby Dove

“One to watch” is an overused phrase but trust us on this one. With unstoppable confidence, Stephen is a fast-rising star in the comedy galaxy.

8.30pm | Pleasance Courtyard

31 July, Aug 1-13, 15-24 Aug

Buy tickets here

Tom Parry

Tom Parry: Parryoke!

It’s impossible to express how much we love Tom Parry. His endless energy brings joy and laughter to everything he touches. You’ll laugh your bum off. Look out also for the reboot of his hit show for children, Beetlemania, which comes thundering back to Edinburgh for more beetley antics.

Parryoke! is on at 6pm | 31 July, 1-12, 14-26 Aug | Buy tickets here

Beetlemania is on at 11.45am | 31 July, 1-13, 15-25 Aug | Buy tickets here

Both at Pleasance Courtyard

Stuart McPherson

Stuart McPherson: Mr. November

We’ve got an inkling about Stuart but don’t just take our word for it. He is a two-time finalist at the Scottish Comedian of the Year Award and Amused Moose finalist 2019 and he knows what he’s about.

1.55pm | Monkey Barrel

1-12, 14-25 Aug

Buy tickets here and read Stuart’s answers to our impertinent questions here

Desiree Burch

Desiree Burch: Desiree’s Coming Early

You’ll probably know Desiree Burch when you see her because she has recently been on everything you need to see including Live at the Apollo, Have I Got News for You and Netflix’s Flinch. She’s at the top of her game and a must-see comedian for 2019.

7.40pm Heroes @ The Hive

1-12, 14-25 Aug

Buy tickets here

Harry and Chris

Harry and Chris: This One’s for the Aliens

This is the only sketch group to get onto our list this year. They’ve got feelgood comedy, dancing, singing, messing about and all-round silliness. What more could you want?

6.40pm | Underbelly

1-24 Aug

Buy tickets here and read Harry & Chris’ answers to our impertinent questions here

Josie Long

Josie Long: Tender

A welcome return from one of the wisest voices in comedy. Leave your preconceptions at the door. Wrap up some new ideas and take them home to open later.

8.20pm | The Stand

1-11, 13-18, 20-25 Aug

Buy tickets here

Gareth Mutch

Gareth Mutch: The Old Man in the Carvery

This is one smart cookie. Settle in with this sparkling storyteller who packs in surprises and laughter at every turn.

8.30pm | Gilded Balloon

31 Jul, 1-13, 15-25 Aug

Buy tickets here

Ray Badran

Ray Badran: Everybody Loves Ray, Man

We’ve got a hunch about this Australian comedian’s debut show. Look out for his stylish poster and pick up a ticket ahead of the herd.

9.45pm | Pleasance

1-11, 13-25 Aug

Buy tickets here

All details correct at time of going to press but the Fringe is an unpredictable beast so please do check details before the show.

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