How the devil are you, Basil Brush?

I don’t know about you but we’re feeling a little bit starstruck… we got to interview BASIL BRUSH! Boom boom!

Who is your favourite cartoon character and why?

My favourite cartoon character is Bugs Bunny cos he had two teeth just like mine and when I was little I wanted to be as smart and naughty as him… and I liked his catch phrase ‘What’s up, Doc’ and he always came out on top.

What’s one of the best compliments you’ve received and what was it that made it significant for you?

One of my best compliments I like to hear is when folks think they’ve heard the joke before and I say that’s good because I’m recycling and saving the planet, no seriously, recently I was described as a national treasure and I after 60 years in showbiz I’m humbled and thrilled that so many generations have grown up with my terrible naughty and mischievous jokes it warms the cockles of my brush… I’m a national treasure… do I get to live in the Tower of London?

How old were you when you started telling jokes and can you remember the first one?

I was telling jokes at an early age, in fact I was born on stage, folks liked it so much my mother kept it in the act ha ha boom boom 💥

Describe your ideal front row audience member.

My ideal front row person would be any of my past misters, especially Mr Derek to give me a thumbs up and say ‘You’ve still got it Basil’… maybe a whole front row of them, oh and my mother cos she laughs at anything.

Which comedy routines have you watched until you know them by heart?

I watch anything by Morecambe and Wise, I grew up with them and the André Previn routine with all the right notes being played but not necessarily in the right order is my all-time favourite.

Which podcast can you not live without?

I don’t listen to many podcasts but I latched on to ‘Just One Thing’ recently where if you could change just one thing in your life for the better what would it be and what is the benefit… I’m into health now I’ve hit 60 and I’m a vegan fox… good quality emissions… I get free entry into the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in London and can clear a room in 5 secs.

What is comedy’s greatest benefit for the world?

Comedy is a big stress buster… laughing more often is good for you and stop taking things too seriously… you must see all sides and comedy can diffuse many tricky situations… although Downing Street is the best comedy soap on telly at the moment.

Which shows do you have a great feeling about at this year’s Fringe?

I’m looking forward to seeing Jimeoin again after beating him in the Edinburgh Fringe golf competition in 2019, and Michael Spicer after becoming a lockdown hit.

Tell us about your Fringe show.

I have two shows, Family Fun Show in the afternoon, exactly that, a show for the family with a little naughtiness… but water, cream pies and lots of silliness and audience participation; and then Unleashed and Uncut at 6.30pm… very naughty and is Graham Norton meets ‘Have I Got News for You’ meets ‘Crackerjack’.

Anything else you want to tell us?

It’s going to be boom boom

On the Fringe again, I’ve missed Edinburgh and look forward to wearing my kilt and going Commando!

Click here to buy tickets for Basil Brush’s Family Fun Show

12.30 | Gilded Balloon Teviot (Debating Hall) | 3 – 21 August

Click here to buy tickets for Basil Brush: Unleashed… And UnCut

6.30pm | Gilded Balloon Teviot (Debating Hall) | 3 – 28 August (not 4, 25)


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