Punchline’s Top Edinburgh Fringe Shows 2022

Hello! It’s been three whole years since a full Edinburgh Fringe and we’re getting the zoomies just thinking about it. We’ve got a right old mix of classics and new favourites. So let’s get stuck in…

Jayde Adams: Men, I Can Save You

Recently described by Helen Bauer as Queen of the Fringe, we just love everything Jayde does. She really is as good as her Fringe poster suggests. We want her to be our best friend in ‘Alma’s Not Normal’, and she’s got a tremendous singing voice, but live comedy is where she shines brightest.

8.20pm | Pleasance Courtyard (Cabaret Bar) | 3 – 28 August | Buy tickets

Larry Dean: Fudnut

Larry’s a bit of a superstar and one of the most exciting acts to come out of Scotland. This is stand-up at its very finest. He’s already f-ing amazing and he just gets better and better. He’ll make your night sparkle.

8.30pm | Monkey Barrel 3 | 4 – 28 August (not 16) | Buy tickets

Jessica Fostekew: Wench

Wench is the follow up to Hench, Jessica Fostekew’s 2019 hit show and one of our top shows EVER. 2022 brings the difficult second album and it’s another stunner. Smart comedy, beautifully written and full of belly laughs. Go and see this show.

4.45pm | Monkey Barrel 1 | 3 – 28 August (not 15) | Buy tickets

Nick Helm: What Have We Become

Nick Helm makes a mighty return to Edinburgh to feed the souls who have been starved of comedy. We don’t know the details, but we can confidently predict epic songs, visceral comedy and some spectacular surprises from the greatest showman.

5.25pm | Pleasance Dome (Queen Dome) | 3 – 28 August (not 17) | Buy tickets

Liam Farrelly: God’s Brother-in-Law

We’ve been waiting for Liam’s full Fringe show with bated breath. He’s won a bunch of awards which is impressive given that he’s only 21. Go and see this Paisley born superstar in the making in an intimate setting while you still can.

7.10pm | Just the Tonic Nucleus (Sub-Atomic Room) | 4 – 28 August (not 15, 22) | Buy tickets

Tarot: Cautionary Tales

Don’t be put off by the creepy poster, these guys are pure funny. All the classic sketch ingredients are there, with some extra toppings to keep you guessing. Whatever else you’ve planned, a joyful hour with this timeless trio is on the cards.

10pm | Pleasance Courtyard (Beside) | 3 – 28 Aug | Buy tickets

Jamie MacDonald: Reasonably Adjusted

Hands up who feels well-adjusted at the moment? Jamie finds the funny in all manner of places and reality doesn’t seem so bad when you’ve heard his take on it. This Fringe show preview aired in December 2019 and it was a corker then. Imagine what it’ll be like now!

7.45pm | Gilded Balloon Teviot (Sportsmans) | 3 – 29 August | Buy tickets

Lou Sanders: One Word: Wow

Lou is back! Another long-time Punchline favourite and top Fringe performer. You have probably enjoyed watching her shenanigans on Taskmaster but an hour with Lou live will be one of your most Fringey experiences. Entrust yourself to Lou and let her take you on a wild ride.

5.40pm | Monkey Barrel 3 | 4 – 28 August (not 17) | Buy tickets

MC Hammersmith: One Man Eight Mile

Throw away any ideas you have about improv because MC Hammersmith is in the house. It’s incredible watching him turn your suggestions into freestyle rap in front of your eyes. This self-proclaimed posh white man has been lauded by comedy fans and rap artists alike. Are you ready for this?

12 noon | Monkey Barrel (Hive 1) | 5 – 28 (not 8, 15, 22) August | Buy tickets

Read our interview with MC Hammersmith

Nish Kumar: Your Power, Your Control

If you feel lost amid the political chaos, let Nish help you find your feet and your funny bone. He’s one of the big names in political comedy and he’s here for a whole week. We can’t believe our luck.

9pm | Assembly George Square (Gordon Aikman Theatre) | 22 – 28 August | Buy tickets

Sara Barron: Hard Feelings

Can you joke about anything? Yes. But it takes a real expert. And oh baby does Sara Barron cover some BIG topics while making the audience fall about laughing. Dense themes with a light touch show this master at work. Don’t try this at home.

7.15pm | Pleasance Courtyard (Upstairs) | 3 – 28 August (not 17) | Buy tickets

Billy Kirkwood: Energetic

Billy Kirkwood is the personification of energetic, and this is the perfect antidote to the last few years. His 2021 show shone amid a depleted Fringe and transported us to another world. Laugh your cares away, worries for another day.

3.15pm | Scottish Comedy Festival @ The Beehive Inn | 5 – 28 August (not 8, 15, 18, 22) | Buy tickets

Ciarán Dowd: King Rodolfo

Get ready for another extravaganza of this off-the-wall Romantic’s antics. If you have followed Rodolfo’s illustrious career, you know you’re in for a spectacular, sweaty and swashbuckling treat. If you want an hour of pure escapism (and who doesn’t?) this is the show for you.

9.50pm | Pleasance Dome (Queen Dome) | 3 – 28 August (not 17) | Buy tickets

Read our interview with Ciarán

We’ll be adding more recommendations throughout the Fringe.

Please check dates and times with the venue before travelling as things change. If tickets are sold out at the venue or the Fringe Box Office, try the other one as they have separate allocations.


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